30HL Craft Beer Production

Yonghongyuan Brewery

Project name: Qingdao Yonghongyuan
Project specification: 30HL Craft Beer Production.
Responsible : design, production, installation and commissioning of the whole craft beer production line , which can realize the each batch output of 30HL and annual output of 6600HL.

35HL beer brewery equipment

Australia BIG SHED Brewery

35HL beer brewery equipment
Includes 35HL 4 vessels brewhouse, with 4*40HL Fermenters, 4*80HL Fermenters, 1*40HL BBT and 1*80HL BBT, etc. It can realize brewing about 2500KL beer per year.

France DANS LE VAR Brewery

This 20HL brewery is composed of a 3 vessels brewhouse (mashing/kettle tank +Lauter tank + Kettle /whirlpool tank).
A storage hopper for milled malt is attached to the top of the mashing tank, the heating is done using a gas steam generator, There are 2 pcs 40 HL fermenters and 2 pcs 80HL fermenters for beer fermentation and storage.


Poland 40HL Brewery

This set of 4000L brewery brewhouse is combined with Mash Tun, Lauter Tank, Brew Kettle, Whirlpool Tank, Hot liquor tank, which was designed and installed for commercial brewing, It is equipped with 16pcs 4000L fermentation tanks ,
which can achieve continuous production of 5 brewing batches per day, with a daily output of up to 20000L.

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