Industry Focused Products!

Brewery Equipment

Industrial beer and various flavor of craft beer.

Ancillary Equipment

Heating, cooling, filtration, pasteurizing, packaging equipment, etc.

Winery/Cidery Equipment

Various fruit wines, such as wine, cider, strawberry wine, perry, mulberry wine, lemon wine, etc.

2-Vessel Brewhouse

Brewhouse Equipment

SDET manufactures custom, high-efficiency brewing systems tailored to your unique brewing needs and production space. We offer steam-powered, direct fire, and electric brewhouses in 2, 3, 4, and 5 – vessel configurations with capabilities ranging from 1 HL to 1000 HL.

Fermenters & BBTS

SDET offers fermentation tanks and bright tanks with ultra-precise welding and polishing, complete traceability, and validated material quality to meet all international safety standards. Our tanks can be customized for uses in other beverages and liquids including cider, dairy, olive oil and wine.

Win Fermentation Tank

Wine Tanks

SDET stainless steel wine tanks are designed with special features to make every step of the winemaking process easier. From maceration and fermentation to maturation and clearing.
We provide wine fermenters from 1 HL – 2000 HL, as well as specialize in custom fermentation tanks of any size.

Stainless Steel Kegs

SDET offers innovative stainless steel products, reliable delivery and unsurpassed service standards. Our factory utilizes only the finest raw materials in the production of its kegs (stainless steel AISI304) which meets food industry standards.

Keg Cleaners & Fillers

The range of Keg Cleaners and Fillers offer excellent value and reliability. The keg cleaners are available in manual and semi-automatic versions offering both steam and electric heating options. Suitable for small to medium scale production facilities, these machines are capable of processing 40 to 60 kegs per hour. The semi-automatic machines are fully programmable. Using a simple to operate PLC. The machine consists of a control screen, compressed air pipeline, CO₂ pipeline, cleaning pipeline, as well as an angle seat valve, water tank, steam pipes, water pump, cylinder, flanges and adapters.

Turnkey Brewery Solutions

We offer a full range of custom brewing equipment, including brewhouses, fermentation systems, brite tanks, packaging equipment, and grinding systems to meet all your brewing requirements.

Contact us, we will provide you with a one-stop solution, start your brewing business today!