SDET provides a state of the art keg washer & filler that provides fast, efficient cycle times to make the keg cleaning process as simple and thorough as possible. It is a one of a kind design and has one of the lowest price points in the industry.

Clean and fill your kegs easily and cost-effectively with SDET’s keg cleaning and filling equipment.

The range of SDET Keg Cleaners and Fillers offers excellent value and reliability. The keg cleaners are available in manual and semi-automatic versions offering both steam and electric heating options. Suitable for small to medium-scale production facilities, these machines are capable of processing 40 to 60 kegs per hour. The semi-automatic machines are fully programmable. Using a simple-to-operate PLC. The machine consists of a control screen, compressed air pipeline, CO₂ pipeline, and cleaning pipeline, as well as an angle seat valve, water tank, steam pipes, water pump, cylinder, flanges, and adapters.


> Semi-Automatic & manual models available
> Clean and fill up to 40-60 kegs/hour
> Durable construction & compact design
> Compatible with all US, EURO & DIN kegs
> Siemens touch-screen PLC
> Adjustable cycle times & temperatures

Keg Washer & Filler Details

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