500L Commercial Kombucha Brewing Equipment

500L Kombucha Brewery

This project is composed of 500l brew kettle, 2pcs open fermenters, 3pcs pressure fermentation tanks, refrigeration equipment(glycol water tank with chiller), CIP cleaning system, controlling system, water treatment system, filtering and bottling equipment, labeling and packing equipment and so on.

Brew kettle: The brew kettle is an essential piece of equipment for brewing kombucha’s #1 ingredient, sweet tea.  It allows the brewer to control the temperature, the time, and the ingredients of the sweet tea to produce a consistent and high-quality kombucha.

Fermentation tanks: Fermentation tanks are large containers, which are used to ferment the kombucha. The fermentation tanks should be equipped with temperature control, agitation, and air flow systems, to maintain the optimal conditions for the kombucha culture, and to prevent contamination.

Refrigeration equipment: Refrigeration equipment is used to cool and store the kombucha, before and after packaging.

Cleaning and sterilization equipment: Cleaning and sterilization equipment are used to clean and disinfect the fermentation tanks, the filtering and bottling equipment, and the other surfaces and utensils, to prevent contamination and spoilage.

Water treatment equipment: Water treatment equipment is used to purify, filter, and disinfect the water used for brewing kombucha.

Process control equipment: Process control equipment is used to monitor and control the fermentation and packaging processes, in real-time.

Filtering and bottling equipment: Filtering and bottling equipment are used to remove particles and sediment from the kombucha, and to transfer it into bottles or other containers.

Labeling and packaging equipment: Labeling and packaging equipment are used to apply labels and seals to the bottles or other containers, and to package them in cartons or other materials.

500L Kombucha Brewery Details

Brew Kettle

Open Fermenters & Pressure Fermentation Tanks



In addition to the equipment I mentioned above, a kombucha brewery may also need other equipment, depending on its size, production, operations, and specific requirements and preferences. Some of the additional equipment that a kombucha brewery may need includes:

Brite tanks / Ingredient preparation equipment / Laboratory equipment / Data analysis equipment / Automation equipment / Material handling equipment / Heating and chilling equipment;

Overall, every kombucha brewery needs a minimum range of equipment, to maintain the optimal conditions for the kombucha culture, prevent contamination, spoilage & waste, and produce and package high-quality and consistent kombucha.  A brewery may need additional equipment depending on its specific requirements and preferences. By investing in the right equipment, a kombucha brewery can improve its production, efficiency, and quality, and increase chances for success.

Kombucha Brewing Process


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