200L Micro Brewery Equipment

The performance of microbrewery 200l is 200 liters of wort per brew. The brewery mainly consists of a 2-vessel brewhouse, hot liquor tank, beer fermentation tank, bright bee tank, and ancillary equipment.


Per day: 200L (2HL)
Note: brewery performance depends on the quantity of cylinder-conical tanks (CCT) and beer fermentation time.


Malt milling machine
200 kg/h 1 piece
2-Vessel Brewhouse
200L brewhouse is widely used in micro brewery and beer brewpubs.
Mash/Lauter tank (Effective capacity: 200 liters) 1 piece
Kettle/Whirlpool tank (Effective capacity: 200 liters) 1 piece
Hot liquor tank (Effective capacity: 200 liters) 1 piece
Fermentation system
Fermentation tank/Unitank (Effective capacity: 200 liters) 6 pieces
Bright beer tank/Service tank (Effective capacity: 200 liters) 1 piece
Cooling system
Glycol Water Tank (Effective capacity: 400 liters) 1 piece
3HP Chiller 1 piece
CIP cleaning system
Disinfection tank (Effective capacity: 50 liters) 1 piece
Alkali tank (Effective capacity: 50 liters) 1 piece
Control system
PLC/PID Integrated control cabinet 1 piece

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