100L Turnkey Brewing System

It allows you to brew your craft beer efficiently at a commercial scale, designed for brewpub or micro-brewery operation.

100L Brewery Equipment

100 liter electric micro brewing system is widely used in pilot brewing, nano brewery, beer brewpubs, and micro brewery.


Per batch: 100l (1hl)
Per day: 100l ~200L (2hl)


Malt milling unit
200 kg/h 1 piece
Brewhouse unit
2-vessel construction
Mash/Lauter tun (Effective capacity: 100 liters) 1 piece
Kettle/Whirlpool tank (Effective capacity: 100 liters) 1 piece
Fermentation unit
Fermentation tank (Effective capacity: 100 liters) 3 pieces
Bright beer tank (Effective capacity: 100 liters) 1 piece
Cooling unit
Glycol Water Tank (Effective capacity: 200 liters) 1 piece
3HP Chiller 1 piece
CIP cleaning unit
Disinfection tank (Effective capacity: 50 liters) 1 piece
Alkali tank (Effective capacity: 50 liters) 1 piece
Control unit
Floor-type PID Integrated control cabinet 1 piece

Other Brewery Sizes:

100L Brewery Details

100L Brewehouse

100L Fermenter & Brite Tank

Mash/Later Tank

Brew Kettle/Whirlpool tank

Brewing Process for Two Vessels 100 Litre System:

  • Mashing combines the milled grain and hot water, heating this mixture to different temperatures to achieve step mashing in a vessel called a “mash tun”. 
  • To save cost, the wort lautering process will also be processed in this “mash tun”, so we also called it as “mash/lauter tank”. 
    After lautering, the clear wort will be transferred to the Kettle/Whirlpool tun for wort boiling. 
  • After 1-1.5 hours of wort boiling, the wort will process whirlpooling for 30 mins, the wort will be cooled immediately by the heat exchanger and go to the fermenter for fermentation.

About SDET

    SDET, founded in 2011, is a brewing equipment manufacturer and brewing technology engineering company that provides many kinds of customized tanks and turnkey projects throughout the world.
    The company attaches great importance to the research and development of core technology. On the basis of maintaining the manufacturing cost of China, the company can design according to CE PED standards and ASME design codes, and institute production and quality control methods according to both European and American quality standards.


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