1000 Liter Brewery Equipment Turnkey System

This brewery project consists of milling system, brewhouse, fermentation tanks, cleaning, cooling, control panel, hop gun, kegs filler and washer and so on.

1000 Liter Brewery Equipment Turnkey System


Per day: 1000l (10hl)
Per week: 4000l (40hl)
Note: brewery performance depends on the quantity of cylinder-conical tanks (CCT) and beer production time.


Malt handling system
Malt miller (capacity: 500kg/h) 1 piece
Conveyor (capacity: 1000kg/h) 1 piece
Mash tun / Lauter tun (Effective capacity: 1000l) 1 piece
Kettle / Whirlpool (Effective capacity: 1000l) 1 piece
Hot water tank (Effective capacity: 2000l) 1 piece
Optional: Cold water tank (Effective capacity: 2000l) 1 piece
Cylindrically-conical fermentation tanks (Effective capacity: 1000l) 4 pieces
Cooling system
Glycol water tank (Effective capacity: 2000l) 1 piece
5HP chiller 2 pieces
CIP unit
Disinfection tank (Effective capacity: 100l) 1 piece
Alkali tank (Effective capacity: 100l) 1 piece
Control panel
Integrated control cabinet 1 piece
Steam supply system
Propane gas steam generator (capacity 200kg/h) 1 piece

1000L Brewery Details

Full glass manhole

Raker and false bottom

Wort collection ring

Control panel

Tubular heat exchanger

Plate heat exchanger

Work platform

Flow meter

Full Brewery Installations

1000L Brewery Project In Australia

1000L Brewery Project In France

1000L Brewery Project In Croatia

1000L Brewery Project In Korea

About SDET

Shandong Shendong (SDET) was founded in 2011, is a professional and leading fluid equipment supplier in China, especially in the fields of beer, wine and microbial fermentation with more than ten years of experience. Every project we deliver is produced and quality controlled in strict accordance with European and American quality standards.


Experience in global market 15 years


Installations turnkey plants


Factory total floorspace 50000㎡


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