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  SDET is one professional beer brewing equipment manufacturer who can supply the one-stop service. Whether you are purchasing your first brewhouse, expanding or upgrading, we are ready to provide you with the turnkey solution.

  Volume of Brewhouse:

  Home brewery: 60L, 100L, 200L /1BBL, 2BBL

  Pub/hotel brewery: 300L, 500L, 1000L / 3BBL, 5BBL, 7BBL, 10BBL

  Commercial brewery: 2000L, 3000L, 5000L, 10Tons, 20Tons/ 20BBL, 30BBL, 50BBL, 100BBL


  The thermal insulation material is made of anti-flame retardant polyurethane one-time foaming insulation, and the heat preservation effect is good, and the heat dissipation is ≤1°C/H.

  The jacket is heated in sections and can be heated quickly or in half batch.

  The two saccharification customers can choose one saccharification pump or twos, and the two pumps are designed to save time for multi-batch saccharification.

  According to more process requirements, customers can choose multiple inverters to control the pump and motor, which is easy to operate.


  Our design is easy to operate, compact and space efficient. The automatic control system enables automatic stage saccharification, allowing recipe editing and saving with real-time curves.

  The filter tank is automatically filtered by the liquid level sensor, automatically boiled, and the boiling time and alarm reminder can be set. At the same time, the liquid level sensor is configured to realize the boiling pot anti-overflow function, and the whole equipment is easy to operate.


  All container manufacturing procedures follow strict quality control procedures.

  The imported raw materials are strictly tested by imported ultrasonic testing instruments, and the thickness of all the plates is tested by the imported thickness gauge to ensure that the materials meet the equipment requirements.


  For tank welding, advanced automatic welding equipment is introduced to ensure uniform weld without slag, uniform weld and high strength.

  For the pipe welding, the imported automatic welding machine is adopted, the pipe welding mouth is smooth, and it is not easy to be dyed, so that the quality of the beer can be guaranteed. For the peripheral pipe, we use an advanced pipe bending machine to form one time to avoid welding, which improves the safety and hygiene of the pipe.

  The inside of the tank is polished by a multi-pass process, and finally acid passivation is performed to form an acid-base corrosion-resistant layer inside the tank, thereby prolonging the service life of the tank.

  The electrical components inside the control panel are CE, UL, UR, CSA, CUR certified.

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