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Instructions Contents

Main Specification and Parameters 

1.Main Specification
table-board size 1000mm×500mm
table-board height 400mm
exterior dimensions 1000mm×850mm×1550mm
cylinder max stroke 350mm
net weight 115Kg
Capacity 60-80kegs/hour
filling mode keg top side up
applicable keg Diameter φ250~φ500
height 360mm~500mm
2. Technique Parameters
beer source pressure 0.2~0.3Mpa
air source pressure 0.5~0.7Mpa
CO2 source pressure CO2 0.2~0.3Mpa
power voltage Customized

  Main Structures and Features

  This machine mainly contains the frame, electric system, filling system, pressure preparing and retaining system. The features are as below:

  1. The performance of this machine is extremely good with its powerful capacity and high efficiency.

  It is explored and designed for insulated beer container (Stainless steel and plastic keg, draft beer keg). It also can be used for beverage filling.

  2. All procedures are thoroughly controlled by SIEMENS programmable controller. All control parameters (time values) can be adjusted.

  3. The separation on systems of electrics and air avoid the short circuit by condensate liquor, which is caused by low environment temperature and make sure an easy repair.

  4. Be equipped with CIP recycle line. Easy operation and no residue remained.

  5. The machine adopts anoxybiotic technique to guarantee purity and fresh taste of beer.


  1. Demand of space

  The space of installation must be with electricity, air, water, CO2 sources and good draining condition.

  2. Connection notice of the liquid pipelines and the air pipelines

  1) Clear away the solder residue and dust in the pipelines.

  2) Connection with beer source: weld coupling to DN20 SS pipe.

  3) Compressed air inlet: Connect the inlet to the air source with coupling welded with DN20 SS pipe.

  4) CO2 source connection: Connect to the CO2 source with coupling welded with DN20 SS pipe. .

  5) CIP connection: to be welded to DN20 SS pipe with coupling.

  3. Power connection: this equipment adopts monophase 220V AC supply. Choose grounding or other method according to the electrical regulation of your unit.

  4. Pressure adjustment and maintenance of manometers:

  1) Pull up the knob before turning it. Press down it for confirmation.

  2) Turn the knob clockwise for driving pressure up, vice versa.

  3) Do not make the pressure exceeding 0.95Mpa/cm2, and change the filter if the pumping decreased dramatically.

  4) Infuse JIS K2213 oil (ISO VG32 oil or the same kind) to oil cup regularly. The number “0” means low, and the number “9” means high.

  5. The adjustment of cylinder moving speed:

  1) The cylinder moving speed can be controlled by adjusting throttle valve.

  2) When adjust throttle valve on the top side, turn the knob clockwise to decrease the up speed of cylinder, vice versa.

  3) When adjust throttle valve on the bottom side, turn the knob clockwise for decrease the down speed of cylinder, vice versa

  5) Screw on the locknut after finishing the adjustment.

  6. Observation of the moving speed of cylinder:

  You can observe the moving speed of cylinder through five-way solenoid valve. Press the red button to make the cylinder down, vice versa.

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